Can you get electric scooter insurance?

Yes, you can get insurance, like that provided by our partners over at Cycleplan, but it will be limited to protecting your e-scooter from theft and damage on private land only.  E-scooters remain illegal to use on public roads or pavements, so no insurer will cover you if you intend to use it in that way. The simple solution is don't break the law, and only use your scooter privately.

Come the time that legislation changes and assuming e-scooters become legal to ride on a public road or pavement, then you should be able to take out insurance similar to that on a bike or motorbike

Riding an electric scooter remains illegal on the UK's roads and pavements

Best insurance for e-scooter

Currently, the best insurance for e-scooters is provided by a company called Cycleplan, who are specialists when it comes to both electric bikes and scooters.

Theft and damage

Firstly, Cycleplan's policy protects your electric scooter from both accidental damage and theft, which is great news considering that buying a one can be a chunky investment. With electric scooters costing anywhere from £200 - £2000+, it's little wonder they're a highly desirable item for someone to steal.  If you didn't take out electric scooter insurance and it was stolen, you'd have little choice but to replace the scooter out of your own pocket.  The same is true if you had an accident and it was badly damaged, without specialist insurance, you would need to cover the costs to repair it.

Fortunately, Cycleplan offers up to £30,000 of theft and accidental damage insurance for electric scooters. Their market-leading policy ensures that if your electric scooter is stolen or damaged while being used by you or an immediate family member that lives with you, your costs will be covered.

Injury to yourself

In addition to their theft and accidental damage protection, Cycleplan also includes Personal Accident cover. With electric scooters travelling at speeds up to 15.5mph you can quite easily suffer considerable harm if you're involved in an accident. Of course, the first thing you should do is make sure you wear a helmet and wear protective clothing when you're riding but it's nice to know that if you suffer a serious injury you'll have insurance to cover you. Cycleplan's electric scooter policy includes Personal Accident cover that provides you with protection for death or permanent disability should you have an accident and seriously injure yourself.  Their cover also provides financial compensation if you break certain bones, need emergency dental work or require hospitalisation.

Property damage or injury to someone else

Finally, it's not only you that could be injured while you're riding your e-scooter - there is also the possibility you could injure someone else or cause damage to someone's property. It's for this reason that Public liability insurance is essential to all electric scooter riders. Cycleplan can include up to £5 million in Public Liability insurance, which more than adequately covers you for any personal injury or property damage claims against you.

Frequently asked questions about electric scooter insurance

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

Electric scooters are legal in the UK but only if you use them on private land. It is currently illegal to ride an electric scooter on the UK's roads or pavements. If you're caught riding on roads or pavements by the police they can fine you up to £300 and give you 6 points on your driving license. It's important to point out that if you are using your electric scooter illegally it will also probably invalidate your insurance, so please adhere to the law and wait until they are legalised.

Do you need insurance to ride an electric scooter?

Technically you don't need insurance to ride an electric scooter as they are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs), so you're not allowed to use them in public at all. However it's perfectly legal to ride an electric scooter privately and you may wish to take out insurance to protect yourself and others from injury, loss, damage or theft.

Will electric scooter insurance be similar to bike insurance?

It's difficult to say whether electric scooter insurance will end up being the same as bike insurance or more similar to car and motorbike insurance once they are legalised, we'll know more when they are. For the time being, and while you can only use them on private land, we'd recommend taking out Public Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Cover and Protection Against Loss and Theft, all of which can be sourced through the guys at Cycleplan.

The difficulty insuring e-scooters

With reports of e-scooters being confiscated by the police for a lack of insurance, and thefts happening up and down the country, it's little wonder that people are researching the options to see whether you can or can't get insurance for your electric scooter. Unfortunately, as they are currently illegal to use publicly, no insurer can provide you with insurance if you use it on public roads or pavements,  as effectively they would be endorsing your law-breaking. Yes, you can get insurance for their use on private land but until the Government changes the law you won't be able to get cover for using your e-scooter in public.

Oct 19, 2020

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